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The World at Their Fingertips–Support purchasing an interactive white board and science lab via Donor Choose

Committed to responding to the needs of students, our teachers are seeking support via Donor Choose. Miss Nikki (above) and Miss Samantha aim to use an interactive white board to enhance learning in thier preschool classrooms.

Committed to responding to students’ needs, our teachers are seeking support for a variety of classroom projects via Donor Choose. Preschool Teachers Miss Nikki (above) aims to use an interactive white board to enhance learning in her preschool classroom.

Imagine 20 wide-eyed curious preschoolers during circle time. While making a list of words that begin with the letter E, the teacher says emu. Many of the students ask what an emu is and the teacher gives a description. Now imagine that if within seconds, the teacher could show the students footage of an emu roaming in its habitat. Students would have the opportunity to observe characteristics, making learning about their newly discovered world more meaningful. The teacher could then lead lessons in which: students study a map of where emus are prevalent; practice spelling the word emu by playing an interactive game; the teacher and students create a graph of the number of students that think an emu would make a great pet; and then solve simple word problems involving emus. All of these activities can be done on an interactive white board!

You can help.
Learn how to fund this and other Children’s Village classroom projects via Donor Choose:

“My students need a science learning lab with petri dishes, PVC tubing, water toys and a cart to store all of our Science materials”

Many thanks to PNC for getting the ball rolling on funding these classroom projects by generously donating Donor Choose gift cards to each of our 11 preschool classrooms.

Learn more about PNC’s commitment to ensuring children Grow Up Great.

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