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School-Age Classroom 402 publishes a book, titled When I Grow Up, highlighting students’ career aims.

SA 402 Group shot with book 066

Student authors pose with their teachers, Ms. Heidi and Ms. Rose, as one of the school-agers displays When I Grow Up, the book they created.

Author, artist, teacher, firefighter, baker, and swimming coach are among the career aims of first and second graders enrolled in our School-Age Program.  Complementing  their “Getting to Know You” curriculum theme, teachers Ms. Rose and Ms. Heidi engaged students in a variety of literacy-rich activities, including journal, poetry, and creative writing, to help children develop positive self-concepts. The seven-week theme culminated with the children publishing a book, When I Grow Up, which featured children’s artwork and essays about their future goals.

Exerpt: “I want to be an author because I like to write stories. I’ll write nonfiction and fiction books…I’ll put my books in libraries.”


 I want to be a teacher because I can teach the student more things and I can help the student…

Exerpt: “I want to be a teacher because I can teach the student more things and I can help the student…”

Through our School-Age Program’s Project Based Learning (PBL) instructional approach, students explore their own creative interests, often through child-directed group projects.  For example, teachers encouraged a discussion on how students can value themselves as well as others. The students then created a skit on respecting others’ opinions.  Using read aloud sessions, vocabulary, and artwork, teachers designed hands-on activities to help children understand and respect differences and build a sense of community in the classroom.  While the classroom offers structure and sets high expectations, it is infused with fun and play, including baking and puppet making.  The School-Age Program provides year-round academic enrichment for 149 children in K-7th grade, most of the children are English language learners.

Scroll for photos of additional pages from Classroom 402’s  book, When I Grow Up:

SA 402 When I Grow Up gym teacher pic 039

SA 402 gym teacher essay 040

SA 402 When I Grow Up firefighter pic 035

SA 402When I Grow Up fire fighter essay book 036

SA 402 When I Grow Up Zookeeper 029


SA 402 When I Grow Up zoo keeper essay book 030

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