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Zaina Cahill Shares Expertise on Avoiding Promoting Gender Stereotypes in the Classroom

Zaina Cahill, Early Childhood Director, offers five simple ways to help educators create a safe classroom for children to explore and create their own unique gender identities.  Among the tips detailed in her article, The Gender Neutral Early Childhood Classroom, is:

Avoid using language like “boys and girls” or “you guys” when referring to a group of children in the classroom. Educators are also prone to making requests of students, such as, “If you’re a boy/girl, please line up.” Instead, try phrases like “friends” and “children”, or simply refer to children by their names. In addition, try new and interesting ways of making requests of students. For instance, “If you are wearing stripes, please line up.” Or “If you have long sleeves, you may go find a center.”

You can find the full article via Becker’s School Supplies Blog:

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