Families & Teachers

Families And Teachers:  Educating Children Together

Family involvement is an integral component of high-quality early care and education and after-school enrichment programs.

Reflecting Children’s Village’s belief in supporting the needs of a child within the context of the family, Children’s Village offers a Parent Education Series.  Download the 2019-2020 workshops: Workshops for 2019 2020 PLEASE NOTE:  The workshops are open only to families of currently enrolled students.  The dates listed are subject to change.

Sharing Expertise

Children’s Village respects and supports families by maintaining ongoing communication between teachers and parents as well as other important family members.  Communication flows through regular conferences, daily written logs for toddler-age children, bulletin board displays of children’s learning, and a myriad of informal ways of staying in touch with families.  Administrators are always on site and interact frequently with families, teachers, and children.  As such, immediate concerns can be properly addressed before minor problems become big ones.

Respecting A Family’s Language And Culture

We make a concerted effort to communicate with family members in their primary language.  Three full-time Family Service staff members speak several Chinese dialects and Indonesian in addition to English.  Other staff members and teachers also speak second languages.  Children’s Village’s Language Coordinator heads our English-Enrichment Program, which promotes children’s English-language learning while supporting the home language and culture.

Children’s Village Earns National Award for Engaging Diverse Families

Children’s Village’s families represent a range of races, ethnicities, languages, cultures, family compositions, and economic levels — and we are dedicated to embracing all families as meaningful partners.

We take great pride that in 2010 the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) selected Children’s Village as one of ten early childhood education programs in the nation distinguished for Engaging Diverse Families.  To learn more, visit www.NAEYC.org.

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