Safety First

Children’s Safety Is The Top Concern Of Parents And Teachers.  It Should Be. 

Our most important job at Children’s Village is keeping children free from harm.

Time Outdoors Together Is Part Of Learning Together

Parents sometimes worry about how safe it is to take children for walks on Center City sidewalks and to play in local parks.  We take walks to teach children the safe way of traveling as a group: walk calmly, hold hands, and listen to the teacher.  Children benefit from open air and room to run at the park.  Children also learn to stay close to the group and to follow the teacher’s gentle but firm guidance.  Children are protected during outings, but they also learn self-confidence and independence.

What About Building Security?

Here are the security measures we have in place:

  • The entrance to the building that houses Children’s Village remains locked, and a building attendant is in the lobby.
  • Parents (or legal guardians) specify who is permitted to pick up (or visit) their child.  Anyone coming to pick up (or visit) a child is positively identified and screened at the front desk first, even parents.  Persons that parents authorize may stop in at any time unannounced.
  • A pick-up card system lets classroom teachers know an individual has been cleared at the front desk and is permitted to pick up the child.
  • Children’s Village’s front desk on the second floor is always staffed, and all other entrances remain locked.  Entrance on all other floors is gained through a camera and buzzer system managed by front desk staff.
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