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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds-Children’s Village Staff Set an Example

After a rigorous kettle bell workout, staff members flash smiles!

After a rigorous mid-day kettle bell workout, staff members flash smiles before returning to Children’s Village.

Reflecting our whole child approach, Children’s Village nurtures healthy bodies and healthy minds through nutritious meals, healthy education, and physical activity.  This commitment also extends to staff.  Children’s Village offers all staff members discounted twice weekly fitness classes at Body By Boss.

 “We are so pleased to offer discounted fitness classes as a benefit.  Many staff members have embraced the workouts and are improving their strength and endurance.  As a bonus, the workouts are a wonderful bonding experience.   The classes brings together an array of teaching, nutrition, family partnership, and other staff who may not otherwise interact as frequently,” says Mary Graham, Executive Director, Children’s Village.  “Our staff members are dedicated to taking care of children and we want to ensure that they take care of themselves.  They also are truly setting an example for the students,” says Mary.

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