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Learn more about our Virtual Preschool Education Program with Certified Teacher!

Children’s Village is offering a school-day/school-year Virtual Preschool Education Program with Certified Teacher!

Our teachers introduce children to all elements of a high-quality preschool curriculum, including literacy, math, science, and social studies.  Teachers also nurture social-emotional development, especially critical for young learners ages 3, 4, and 5 years. The program includes a combination of large and small group instruction.  Teachers offer a balance between listening/participating activities and movement activities.  Parents have the opportunity for one-on-one consultation with our certified teachers.  The Virtual Preschool Program may be funded by Head Start, PreK Counts, PHL-PreK, or families may pay privately.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity for your preschooler, please call (215) 931-0190.  Download the flyer here: Virtual-PS-Flyer.
Scroll for pictures of our teachers, children’s artwork created during the sessions (which caregivers shared), and more!

IMG_5016 Virtual PreK
Read alouds and songs are among the virtual classroom’s large group activities.  Before the start of story time, teachers show the book that they will be reading.
IMG_5017 Virtual PreK
cat art on screen!

To connect with their classmates and teacher, students display their artwork on the screen.  The teacher modeled drawing a cat and invited the students to follow along!

ps family art

ps Friend art
Friends artworkA student created ‘shaker’ bottles, which are then used during gross motor play time.
ps drawing of red toyThe teacher asked the students to find their favorite toy and then draw it.
ps coloring
ps drawing and colorful pens
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