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SCHOOL CLOSING through 4/30

 Updated- 4/2/ 2020
Governor Wolf has expanded and extended the stay-at-home order in Pennsylvania.  Non-essential businesses such as child care centers are ordered to stay closed indefinitely, at least through April 30th.
All Children’s Village teachers have reached out to families and children to offer resources and support, and, most of all, to stay close to you during this separation.  Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you.
Our trusty and longtime supplier of much of our educational materials, Becker, has graciously offered to join forces with us in providing for EACH CHILD a packet of materials to use at home.  This will arrive in the mail to your home from Becker School Supplies.  (Tell me if you’ve moved!  I’m sending Becker names and addresses on Monday.)  This gift is a joint one from Becker and Children’s Village.  It’s our way of saying we’re thinking about you and we miss you!
When child care centers are permitted to reopen, we will follow all recommended procedures and precautions as directed by government authorities.  Rest assured that the health and wellbeing of your children, your families, and the Children’s Village staff are our top priority.
We will reach out again when we have more news.  In the meantime, stay in touch with your child’s teachers, keep an eye on our Facebook page, and take care of each other with comforting home routines.  And look out for a packet in the mail about two or three weeks from now!
沃尔夫州长扩大范围并延长了宾夕法尼亚州的 “ 守候在家 ” 指令。像托儿中心一样的非必须业务要关闭到何时也难以明确,至少要关闭到4月30日。
儿童村的全体老师们都已经联系到家长和孩子们了, 给大家提供资源和支持, 并且,更重要的是, 我们在这段隔离的时间里和大家更亲近了。如果您还有其他方面的事情希望我们能为您做的, 请告诉我们。
我们长期可信的教材供应商—-贝克尔公司 (Becker) 已经慷慨地提出与我们合作,为每个孩子提供一整套材料 , 供他们在家里使用。这套资料将会从贝克尔教育用品公司寄到你的家里。( 如果你搬家了,请告诉我 ! 星期一我将把姓名和地址寄给贝克尔公司 ) 。这份礼物是贝克尔和儿童村联合相赠, 为了表达我们此时的心情:挂念你们,想念你们!
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