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SCHOOL CLOSING : Stay-At-Home Order Continues in Philadelphia

 Updated- 5/19/ 2020

A heartfelt hello to you, dear Children’s Village families.  Please know that all of the Children’s Village teachers and staff are thinking about children and families at home, and really looking forward to when we can see you again.

As you probably know, Governor Wolf has established a three-tiered plan to reopening the state – in the red zone, all but essential businesses are closed, in the yellow zone, some businesses may resume operations while practicing aggressive mitigation guidelines, including child care programs, and finally, in the green zone, all businesses may open without aggressive mitigation, while continuing to honor any continuing restrictions established by the health department.  Philadelphia, and indeed the entire Southeastern region of Pennsylvania, continues to operate in the red zone, at least through June 4th.

Once Philadelphia enters the yellow zone, child care programs may plan to reopen with these aggressive mitigation practices in place.  We have begun to study and strategize how these practices will be implemented at Children’s Village.  You will be notified of the modifications we adopt, and how families will be expected to collaborate with us on these mitigation procedures.
How long will Philadelphia be in the yellow zone before entering the green?  Will Philadelphia revert to the red zone again in the event of future virus spikes?  These are questions we can’t answer;  no one can.  All we can do is listen to governing bodies and recognized health authorities (the CDC, the health department), design our plan, and respond accordingly when circumstances warrant.  The unpredictability of it all can be unnerving, but we’re committed to policies and procedures that embrace the best of our scientific and legal communities.
We miss you.  Stay safe.  Stick to your comforting routines and take care of each other.
亲爱的儿童村家庭,向您致以最诚挚的问候。 儿童村所有老师和工作人员都非常想念在家的儿童和家长,并非常期待我们再次见到您。
费城进入黄色区域后,托儿所可能会计划采用这些积极的缓解措施重新开放。 我们已经开始研究并制定策略,将如何在儿童村实施这些做法。您将收到有关我们采用的修改方案的通知,以及家长如何在这些缓解程序上与我们合作的通知。
费城进入绿色区域之前将在黄色区域停留多长时间? 如果未来病毒激增,费城会再次回到红色区域吗?这些是我们无法回答的问题。 没有人可以回答。我们所能做的就是听取政府机构和公认的卫生当局(疾病预防控制中心,卫生部门)的意见,设计我们的计划,并在情况允许时做出相应的反应。这一切的不可预测性可能令人不安,但我们致力于采用科学和法律领域最好的政策和程序。
我们想念你们。 注意安全。 坚持您的舒适日程并互相关照。
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