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Thank you State Sen. Farnese for visiting and seeing high-quality early learning in action

85096468_2907377005951990_821124736846135296_oThank you State Sen. Larry Farnese for visiting Children’s Village today! We were very excited to show you what high-quality early childhood education looks like in action.

Children who attend high quality pre-K are more likely to graduate high school and enroll in higher education. Parents who utilize quality pre-K programs miss less work and are more productive at work.  During the tour, Executive Director Mary Graham and Children’s Village founder and Board member Jim Martin stressed the need for increased public funding for child care to expand access and quality.  They also underscored that financial pressures on programs pose incredible challenges, including relating  to adequately compensating child care teachers.

Early childhood education plants the seeds that grow a stronger community and economy; it is an investment with a lasting, powerful impact.

84775820_2534215256690117_3798308998856310784_oExecutive Director Mary Graham welcomes Sen. Farnese to Children’s Village.

84179306_2534218053356504_2621686881162625024_oChildren’s Village founder and Board member Jim Martin (left) introduces Sen. Farnese to members of Children’s Village’s Family Partnership team.  These bilingual staff members help reduce language, cultural, and other barriers to best engage and support families as their children’s first teachers.

84704253_2534216816689961_8754936996310286336_oMiss Norma, a Children’s Village teacher for 30+ years, greets Sen. Farnese, welcoming him to her preschool classroom.

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