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Tips to Calm the Preschool Classroom

IMG_3868 girl kneeling
Big body play is among the strategies to nurture calmness in a classroom.  Giving children the opportunity to exert themselves physically in the classroom, in a safe way, helps them to not only expel extra energy, but to collaborate with each other, to learn limits, and even gain academic skills!

Turning Tumult into Tranquility:  10 Tips to Calm the Chaotic Preschool Classroom
Zaina Cahill-Early Childhood & Learning Lab Director

The chaotic classroom causes feelings of unrest in all involved with it – the children, teachers, and families. Every teacher will be, in my opinion, fortunate enough to have “that group” of children at some point in their teaching career- the group that constantly keeps teachers on their toes as they present every challenging behavior or habit, and with frequency. While it is often one of the most transformative times for a teacher, it can be helpful to have a handful of strategies at the start of the school year to empower teachers to start off on the “right foot”.

Children’s Village’s Zaina Cahill, Early Childhood & Learning Lab Director, highlights how can teachers instill calm in the preschool classroom in her latest Becker’s School Supplies’ blog:

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