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Join Children’s Village to advocate for the best in education for all children ─  when children thrive, families, businesses, communities, and the nation thrive.

CLICK HERE to WATCH and SHARE the VIDEO featuring educators and advocates, including Children’s Village’s Mary Graham, as they highlight the importance of investing in high-quality child care!

Last year, educators, parents, advocates, and allies across the country helped make the largest-ever increase in the Child Care and Development Block Grant happen. Now, we need your help to show how that funding is making a difference in your states, and why Congress must do more to make quality, affordable child care a reality!

In 2018, Congress passed the United States’ largest-ever increase of the Child Care and Development Block Grant, giving states across the nation more than $2 billion additional each year to invest in child care. These funds are critical to helping more families afford child care and boosting payments to child care providers that have dwindled over time.

Children benefit from high-quality care and education that helps put them on the path to becoming healthy, successful, and thoughtful adults. Parents benefit when they can trust that while they are working, their children are safe, happy, healthy, and learning—without having to break the bank. And the early childhood professionals who are caring for and educating this next generation benefit when they are able to change children’s lives while making a living themselves.

Share the video on social media, talk to your elected officials, and make sure everyone you know knows that when #ECEwins, our children, families, educators, and economy all win too!

This video was filmed by Armando Gallardo during interviews conducted at NAEYC’s 2018 Annual Conference, and created in partnership with the Center for American Progress. Thank you to all the educators and advocates who participated for sharing your expert voices and important perspectives! 

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